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A Brief History Of Why This Website Exists

This journey began in 2005 at the Blue Ghost Tunnel in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Through the course of nearly 4 years of intense investigation, much evidence was gathered. We experienced some pretty crazy things. It is not my intent to try and prove the existence of ghosts and the paranormal world as I assume you are already familiar with it, but rather to try and help you understand it. I think it is important however to share some of this evidence so you know we are "for real". The following image has not been previously released to the public and I assure you it is genuine.

Shadow Man

Look very closely at the above image. How many people do you see?

Shadow Man

This is one of our best images. Look directly behind the person in the purple sweater with the red hair. A genuine apparition. Most people count it as a living person. Notice how a shadow is cast on it. Look closely and you will see the outline of legs, feet and a bent arm. It also displays color with the brown coat. None of the people in the image were aware of its presence at the time. We're not sure what to make of the half round bright blue orb/cap on it's head.


All was going well with my paranormal investigation until the activity showed up in my home! Doors closing in front of our eyes, things pounding the side of the house, voices, people being touched, etc. It had never occured to me that this could even happen. My wife told me to fix whatever I had done! We have small children and I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of fear. My first instinct was to seek out a church that dealt with this kind of thing. Why was that my first thought? Why does every famous haunting involve a priest? No amount of smudging, psychic investigating or sending spirits "into the light" has ever solved a serious haunting. When the supernatural stuff really hits the fan, people instinctively turn to God through the church and I think most people would accept this as fact.

After some searching I located a church that knew how to deal with my situation. Although nobody's head was spinning around or speaking in demonic voices, I was afraid for my my family. The pastor of this church was an accomplished exorcist. But did I really need an exorcist for a minor haunting? I was to learn that the difference between our haunting and the famous ones you see in movies is the degree of the activity. If the church can fix a "famous" haunting, it can surely fix my average haunting which it certainly did. It amazes me that people don't see it this way and choose to live with supernatural interference in their lives. If it is agreed that a great evil is involved in a major haunting, then it stands to reason that a lesser evil is involved with an average haunting. It also stands to reason that the source is the same. A lesser evil is still evil. If you investigate any haunting, you will discover that the degree of activity usually escalates over time if nothing is done to correct it. A proper house blessing/cleansing conducted by a properely trained priest/pastor clears all levels of paranormal activity regardless of intensity. If ghosts were good or harmless, why do they leave during this procedure? Many people feel that ghosts and typical paranormal activity are generally harmless, entertaining, or even helpful. This is a dangerous position to take and is certainly based on a lack of propor knowledge and understanding of the paranormal world. This is the very reason this website was created. We hope that it will bring a clear and proper understanding of the paranormal world. We also understand that this is a very controversial and highly debated topic due to varying beliefs and viewpoints. Keep an open mind and at the very least read through the entire site before you pass judgement on what is presented here.