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Shadow People

The first thing to realize about the topic of shadow people is that they are far more common than you might expect. This category includes many shapes and sizes of shadow beings and it is clear that shadows and darkness are good places to find cover and be concealed from sight. A more appropriate term would be shadow beings or entities which includes shadow people of various shapes and sizes, hooded figures, the infamous Hatman, etc. The information for this page came mainly from The Official Shadow People Archives. This site has been recording shadow people testimonies since 1997 and if you are interested in further information on this subject, this is the place to go. There is no specific rhyme or reason to this phenomenon. It varies with almost every testimony and trying to categorize the various entities and activites is difficult at best.

What does seem to be consistent however is that most haunted locations will have reports of shadow beings. They seem to be a part of any significant paranormal activity. Even more importantly, they respond to the name of Jesus which suggests their evil nature. Despite the wide variety of shadow person activities and behaviours, there does seem to be a common set of characteristics which we have outlined below:

After considerable research into this phenomenon, some common characteristics have emerged regarding shadow people:

  • The majority of people who come in contact with shadow people feel a deep instinctual fear.
  • Activity of shadow people seems to increase over time in many cases.
  • Shadow people and sleep paralysis appear to be connected.
  • They can change their form instantly.
  • They will follow their victims literally around the world.
  • Definite physical characterisitics (grabbing, scratching, speaking, breath that is felt, cold & oily skin.
  • Seem to dwell on negative emotions such as fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.
  • Often appear frequently before a death occurs.
  • Are often suprised that they can be seen.
  • Have varying degrees of power depending on the type of shadow person.
  • The same shadow entity can change from neutral to evil and back again as it sees fit.
  • Have the ability to put someone to sleep.
  • The hatman seems to be in a higher position of authority.
  • Move in an non human manner.
  • Can affect the behaviour of it's victims.
  • They have their own strange odor.
  • Seem to have a purpose which is not understood by the victims.
  • Respond to the name of Jesus.

One of the most striking similarities in these testimonies is that people are confronted with intense fear that goes deeper than any earthly fear. Often described as an instinctual spiritual fear like that of losing your soul. Sounds crazy but thats what the eyewitness accounts often described. Even more interesting is that people who are faced with this type of experience instinctually remember prayers of protection or call out the name of Jesus that they remember from sunday school or church. Why is that? Why do we look for God only in our deepest trouble. People that claim they don't believe in God will call out to him in their hour of desperation. What you will discover is that the shadow people will respond instantly to the name of Jesus. They will withdraw when ordered to do so in Jesus' name. They will withdraw when a Bible is held up to them or scriptures are recited. If you are seeing them in your home, order them out in Jesus name. Observe the following eyewitness quotes:

  • "All I could think of at the time was to start praying. I noticed that as soon as I started praying it started moving back. Then I stopped. It started coming forward again, I started praying again, and again it began to move backwards."
  • "He had large pointed ears and black-as-coal body that had an athletic appearance. I called on Jesus, as I always do in an emergency and he quickly melted away."
  • "I couldn't move or shout and I was scared. I remember I started praying and my head became very warm and was seeing just a bright light within my head, and slowly I could move again and see again."
  • "The shadowy things just kept trying to grab me even when they turned on the hallway and dining room light. They didn't hesitate to get to me. Then one of my siblings grabbed a Holy bible that was nearby and those shadowy things ran like sissies."
  • "That night I slept with a bible."
  • "I got up and grabbed my bible then it disappeared. Since then I sleep with my bible under my pillow."
  • "I immediately hid under my covers and started praying saying, ''God in Jesus name, please make that thing, or whatever it is, go away.'' Repeating those words very fast, I peeked from my covers to see if it was gone. It started to disappear in black flames."
  • "Anyway, truthfully, I was having these experiences until I started going to church a lot, and whenever stuff would happen at the house, I would just pray and say stuff like, "Jesus is my lord and savior," out loud and the experiences would go away."
  • "Just as I was simultaneously terrified and sick, it began to move toward me passing through the table and approaching my face. It moved not with footsteps but as if it were gliding on ice…but it didn't float because floating denotes slower movement than I witnessed. This THING moved with smooth and frightening velocity. I instinctively shouted, "I belong to Jesus”, moments before it would have made contact with the couch I was seated upon. At that instant, IT dissipated in front of me and broke into tiny dark pieces of black oily looking beads."
  • "The shadow man just stood there until I spoke. I started "rebuking" the entities in Jesus's name. I was taught this by my 8th grade teacher in a public school in east Tennessee. I just never had to use it until now. The shadow began to vibrate. It vibrated at a super high frequency and began bouncing across the room pinging off walls until exiting through the window to my right."
  • "Now, I don't know if this was a lucid dream, or a trance, or what. I just know it began violently shaking my arm. It felt as if it were trying to rip my arm out of its socket. I said a prayer and it went away."
  • "When I opened my eyes I saw these two shadows jump off my bed. Angry, I said "in the name of Jesus, get out." And since then I have not experienced any shadows in the traditional sense but I do from time to time experience very vivid nightmares."
  • "Sometimes, they give me head rushes and fill me with fear. When this happens, I rebuke them in Jesus' Name. They usually leave me be for a while then"
  • "But whenever I say John 3:16 and a little prayer (because I believe these things hold power to expel anything with less than good intentions), the evil presence leaves."
  • "...then John 3:16...For God so loved the world... It was gone as soon as I said 'God'."
  • "He told me that he got filled with the Holy Spirit and that caused it to go away and not come back."
  • "After what seemed like forever, but was only about a minute, I said 'in Jesus name, leave my home.' and it left and just like that, the atmosphere cleared and the 'creeps' were gone."
  • "One night I awoke and had the sensation that I was being held down and suffocated. I could not scream or move and I know I was awake and started to pray in my thoughts thinking I was going to die. As soon as the prayer started, I was able to move and breathe."
  • "Terrified, I tried to move but found I was unable to at all. At that time, I was coming to my own conclusions about religion and defining my beliefs. I was unable to even speak but I fought to make the sounds of the Lord’s Prayer; three times I said this being able to move more and more and be louder and louder until I was free."
  • "But I tried to close my eyes and pretend it wasn’t there but I had this tingling sensation throughout my body and all I could do was pray to God to get rid of this thing. I'm not really religious at all really and I didn’t know what to pray exactly, but I remembered some things from when I used to go to church long ago. And it sort of froze... and sat there, kind of like it was mocking me in a way. And then it proceeded again. I prayed with all my heart at that moment and it seemed to shift to the side of me, and I could move again."
  • "Then I saw a shadow being enter through the open doorway. Its edges were fuzzy and it looked like a large man made from heavy black smoke. It moved around to my back out of my line of sight. I felt the bedcovers being drawn down across my body and felt powerful hands on me beginning to lift me from the bed. I was terrified. I felt myself dragging toward the foot of the bed, when I began to pray in my mind, saying "Jesus, Jesus, help me, help me, please." Then the dragging stopped and I was slowly released, a few feet from where I had been laying."
  • "I was well aware that this "thing" clearly had the intention of terrifying me. With my mind, I said to the "shadow man"...." now what???? You don't have the power to harm me. I believe in Jesus Christ and you have no power over me." I closed my eyes and began to pray. Quickly the pressure on my chest was gone and I was then able to move. Since that night neither me nor my son, thankfully, has ever seen or felt the presence of the shadow man."
  • " I decided to pray, although I'm not religious. It literally just faded out"
  • "I was stricken with a sickening fear and I grabbed the dog and ran back down the drive, knowing it was behind me. I started screaming "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave me alone." It left."
  • "The only time that I feel truly safe at night is when I'm at my grandmother's house, and since my grandparents are super religious, I have begun to suspect that praying could make this all stop."
  • "At that point, looking away from it, I said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, get thee behind me!". As year or two before this my church youth group had been told to do this when encountered by Satan... I had believed it then to be a metaphor for temptation, etc... Never thinking of any literal encounter. But it worked! I never saw it again."
  • "I was petrified. I wanted to scream for my parents but couldn’t. It didn’t say a word, but the feeling in the room was that of evil and darkness. Then he started moving towards my bed. It was at that moment that I closed my eyes and prayed to God. At the time, I wasn’t very religious, but praying to God seemed to be about the only thing I could do. I told God I was scared and to please make this man go away. I said this repeatedly. Shortly, I felt the mood in the room change. I opened my eyes and the figure was gone."
  • "The first thing I did and came to mind, was grab my crucifix that I placed in my pants just a couple of days ago; for reasons I didn’t know. I don't believe in the bible, but now it's like a token of protection for me."
  • "This time something inside of me snapped and I was not afraid; fear had been replaced by anger. I was very angry. I shouted at this being, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave this house. You are not welcome here. You do not belong here. You have no right to be here. Leave." It disappeared in a blink."
  • "I asked my mom if she has ever seen any of these shadow people. Well to my surprise, she said she has been seeing these shadow blobs moving around the room at night and hanging out around the end of the bed. This was even with light from the hallway, which will light up the room. She said she finally told them, ‘In Jesus name, to leave her alone and leave for good.’ She has not seen them since."
  • I asked who are you? and shouted "Stop it!", while I attempted to kick my legs loose from the strong grip, but the dark shadow at the end of the bed would not release my legs. Suddenly, I remembered my Bible classes, and with all the courage I could muster, I commanded, "In the name of Jesus, leave me alone.... In Jesus name, GET OUT !!!". I gave one stronger kick and the figure released me. I then saw him move along the floor at the end of the bed to the door, and then out into the hallway."

That was a sample of the references of God and Jesus people used to remove shadow people. In many cases it seems to be an instinctual response. As you can see, it is an effective way to get rid of this form of spiritual intrusion. Ironically the only thing the phenomenon of shadow people has in common is the fact that they do respond to the name of Jesus.