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True Spiritual Authority

Hopefully by now you have used the name of Jesus to try and stop the unwanted activity in your life, or at least are seriously thinking about it. Again, don't take my word for it, try it yourself! I think you will find that circumstances will immediatly change after the first time you throw His name around to protect yourself and your family. The thing is when you start throwing around a name, your enemies will try and determine if you really know the person whose name you are using. They will test you to find this out. You need to have a relationship with the person whose name you use that is recognizable by your enemies. This can be demonstrated by the fact that when the church is called for an exorcism, not just any priest shows up. He will be specially trained and a person of unusual knowledge and faith. They understand the spirit world and their place in it. They understand the true spiritual authority of Jesus and how to obtain it. They know how to remove the rights and powers of an evil spirit infesting a person's life and command them to depart with authority in the name of Jesus. If you have used the name of Jesus to stop or remove activity, you might find it slowly creeping back in to your life. The spirits involved may have figured out you really don't know that much about Jesus and will test the limits of your faith in Him.

The thing is, this spiritual authority is not reserved for priests alone but is available to everyone. A priest in a position of authority has what is called the Holy Spirit as his backup. I know you have heard this term but you may not understand what it really means. The Holy Spirit is a direct connection to God that provides knowledge, direction, and power in the spirit world. A true exorcist has the power of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of God working directly through them and this why an evil spirit will always be defeated in the presence of a Holy Spirit filled individual. No demon is a match. This same Spirit of God is easily available to you. This is not new information or some new way of thinking. The Holy Spirit has been available to people for just over 2000 years now! Since the death of Jesus to be exact. Again, like the unclean spirits, why is this information so well hidden from us? Everyone has heard of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit at some point but few are aware that they are personally available to help and guide you. This is about the time that many who read this will be offended. I urge you to keep a result driven open mind about this stuff and remember there is a good reason why non-believer's instinctually turn to God and the church in times of great spiritual peril. This basic spiritual truth is, as they say, "hidden in plain sight".

The authority of Jesus in the spirit world is a documented biblical fact. If for some reason you have a problem with the Bible, use the name of Jesus against spiritual intrusions as a challenge and watch the results. It's a practical situation that can be clearly observed. Make your mind up after you give it a try. Now the question is, how does this apply to the average person? We will cover this in much greater detail a little later on. For now you need to know that because of the spiritual circumstances of Jesus' death, what we refer to as the Holy Spirit, is available to anyone who asks for it.


Yes, the Spirit in charge of all things, the Spirit of God himself is available to guide, instruct, and protect you in the spirit world. Now wait you say, how does Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit work? Again, this will be covered later on in detail. First, know that God is advanced beyond our understanding. God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one but also independant of one another as well.

Spiritual authority is really quite simple to understand. Lets first make a parallel in our daily lives. Decide today that you will drive your car at any speed you choose or borrow some things from your local Walmart without paying. Perhaps today you can call your boss a jerk and announce that you are running things your own way or purchase a firearm from that shady character on the corner and practice shooting it in your backyard. We live in a world of rules handed down to us by various authority figures. If we desire to live a happy and productive life, we obey these rules. If we choose to disobey and do things our own way, there are consequences to pay. The possibilitiy of being fired at our job, fines, arrest, or even imprisonment is a very effective deterrent. The spirit world operates in the very same manner. There are indeed spiritual rules that we ought to live by but most people are unaware of them or choose to ignore them because they don't see any immediate consequences. To the One who created these spiritual rules (God), these are called sins. Yet the consequences are immediate and right in front of our noses just as they were 2000 years ago in the time of Jesus. However, these consequences are hidden from us by our modern belief systems and allowed to destroy our lives and the lives of those we love right in front of our eyes. Some of these consequences are presented in the previous passages and this is what Jesus was confronting and reversing in people (healing). In our physical lives we might get a fine for breaking the law. In the spirit world the equivalent consequence might be that a spirit is allowed to affect your health in a detrimental manner. Both our physical world and the spirit world are complicated systems of rules and regulations. It's not hard to find out legal information about or daily lives and how to protect ourselves. But what about the spirit world around us? How can we find out this information and learn to protect ourselves and take charge?

When hauntings get serious or people get very sick or in severe accidents among other things, people seem to turn to God and pray. It is instinctual for most people. If this material has got you thinking, then you might want to contact a Spirit-filled, full Gospel church or ministry and learn more about this. A Spirit-filled church simply means one whose leaders are truly backed by the Holy Spirit of God and follow God's leading in everything they do. You will find there is much to learn and experience.