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There has been a dramatic rise in ghost hunting programs on our TV and movie theater screens. This exposure has opened up the subject to discussion in a way never seen before. People seem more open to discuss their paranormal experiences without persecution. A new comfort level has been established. It has also led many people to investigate the spirit world and become "ghost hunters" with little preparation or knowledge and when a spiritual intrusion occurs, most people haven't a clue of what to do to protect themselves and their families. It is suprising to learn just how many people choose to live with paranormal interference in their lives. Simply start a conversation about ghosts and you will find most people have experiences to share. This website is designed for those who are experiencing paranormal activity in their lives and wish to do something about it. To help understand the purpose of this website, consider the following categories as a guide to who we are trying to help:

  • Unwanted paranormal activity - apparitions, shadow people, voices, objects moving, etc.
  • Feelings of oppression, fear, depression in your house
  • Visitors feeling uneasy or seeing "things" in your home
  • Not feeling like yourself while in your home
  • Used a Ouija board or other occult practice and invited unwanted spirits into your life
  • Investigating the paranormal world
  • Feeling your house/property needs to be spiritually cleansed

Information of this type is always controversial and it is important to keep an open mind while proceeding through the site. If you know in your heart that something isn't right in your life or home due to the paranormal, this website can help. What hopefully makes it different is a practical and results driven approach. You can't argue with positive results. You don't have to tolerate living in fear of the paranormal and after reading through this website, you will have options to control or remove it from your life. Have a look and tell us what you think. Feel free to submit any paranormal experiences or evidence you have. If something in the site helps you, we would love to hear about it.